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Gold Cup

What is Gold Cup?

Long time IABCA exhibitors (and dog competitors) are recognized by our Gold Cup Series; dogs of Honors Champion ranking or higher are able to compete for BIS Gold Cup. Entry into Gold Cup is automatic for those who qualify.

How do you qualify?

Gold Cup takes place just before Best In Show for show #3. There are two things a dog needs in order to qualify:

  • 1 -- The dog must be in the Honors Champion* class or higher.
  • 2 -- The dog must receive a V-1.

* To be in the Honors Champion class, the dog must have earned and applied for 3 adult titles (the International Title, the National Title, AND the Honors Champion title). That's a total of 9 points (orange cards). For more information on titles and classes, check out our Classes page.

What do I receive for winning Gold Cup at a show?

Each of the top three Gold Cup competitors (chosen by a two or three judge panel during Best in Show for show #3, Sunday) receives a beautiful Bronze, Silver, or Gold rosette. We enjoy the friendly competition and relish the opportunity to show off our highly titled dogs in their own special competition. Thank you to all our Gold Cup competitors!