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Online Dog Show Entry Form

The Online Entry Form is setup to enter one dog at a time only and at one location per entry. You can enter your dog in one, two, three or four shows per location. Each show is judged by a different judge. Shows 1 & 2 are on Saturday, Shows 3 & 4 are on Sunday. Please specify the dates you wish to enter. If you need to fax or mail in an entry, CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE ENTRY FORM . Please keep in mind that you can enter a show without registering with IABCA, although you will have to register within 40 days after the show to keep your title points.

FEES:$31.00 per regular dog show entry, $43.00 for late entry. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT SAME DAY ENTRIES.*
$5.00 for each additional class per show (i.e. BIS Bred by Exhibitor, BIS Veteran, etc.). Photocopies of entry form will be accepted if legible.  Make all checks payable to IABCA. This Entry Form can only be utilized by paying online when you enter. The International Dog Show utilizes Pay Pal to process our credit & debit cards and online checks. When you are finished filling out this form, you will be automatically directed to our payment web page. A $4.00 handling fee will be added by shopping cart at checkout, and will be noted as shipping charge.

We do not accept day of show entries. However please keep this in mind when entering our shows: If your dog is entered in the show on time then we can add shows to that dog (for example, if a dog is entered on time for show one only, then you can add shows two and three and four at the show, again, only if the dog is in at least one show already.


Please DO NOT use capslock. ALL CAPS are NOT allowed.

Payment for Online Show Entry

Note: All online entries must pay at this time (including late fees, if applicable) to be validated. Contact us if there are any problems. We use PayPal to process our online payments, no account is needed. All credit card information is secure and encrypted and never stored. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

DIRECTIONS: Select the appropriate number of shows entered from the drop down list. then click on the "Add to Cart" button(s) one at a time. You will be automatically connected to a secure web page. If you have more than one selection to add to the cart, Pay Pal will let you return to this page to make additional selections. You can also view your shopping cart by clicking on "View Cart" below. When you are finished with all payment options you can follow the Pay Pal check out procedures and make your total payment online.


Show Entry Fee
Show Entry Fee
Dog's Reg. # or Full Name
Added Classes:
Added Classes Fee

Additional classes like adding Bred by Exhibitor and/or adding Veteran to an open dog cost $5/show.
FAMILY GROUP is a $10 fee total, no matter how many dogs are entering the Family Group.
Show Catalog:
Pre-Order Show Catalogs
Late Fees:
Late Fee
RV Nights:
Number of RV nights

Pay Other Amount ($1-9):

$1 to $10
What are you paying for?

Pay Other Amount ($10-100):

$1 to $10
What are you paying for?