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Latest News

Congratulations to Homer, our 2007 Gold Cup Champion.

Extra Info

Our new website is a work in progress. Each week updates will be made everywhere. With your input we're trying to make this website as user friendly as possible. Check back often for new updates.

What's New at IABCA.com


This page contains a list of every page available on our entire website. Each page also includes the date that page was updated so you can keep up to date on all of our latest changes.

Show Listings by STATE

This page contains a list of every show (tentative and concrete) that IABCA and International Dog Shows will be putting on in 2008. Each show is listed by state alphabetically.

New look

We've redesigned our website. Our goals are to make the website more appealing, more informative, more interactive, easier to use, and to add new features. Check this page for updates on what we've added and what's coming up next.

New Policies

International Dog Shows has changed the way we do late and day of show entries. We no longer accept Day of Show entries. In order to make up for this change and to allow our exhibitor to remain flexible we have moved the closing dates of each show back. Shows now close to regular entries just 8 days before the show (on Fridays). All entries will close just 2 days before the show, on the Thursday before each Saturday and Sunday show weekend (all closing times are 6pm Pacific). We can no longer handle day of show entries.  It puts too much stress on our schedule, the exhibitors who entered on time, and our staff.  We write the schedule as soon as the show closes to regular entries. When we accepted day of show entries we had to estimate how many we would get and schedule lighter and hire extra judges just in case. This created situations where either we were paying judges, ring stewards, and staff to sit around waiting, or we had more than we could have imagined and the staff would get overwhelmed and judges bogged down, and the show would run very late. We have found that it is impossible to predict how many day of show entries we will get in each show location so we must readjust our strategy to allow for the most flexibility we can for our exhibitor while still running a smooth, scheduled, and efficient dog show. Please keep this in mind when entering our shows.  If your dog is entered in the show on time then we can add shows to that dog (for example, if a dog is entered on time for Show 1 only, then you can add Shows 2 and 3 and 4 at the show, again, only if the dog is in at least one show already). Extra fees will apply to any dogs entered after the closing date. We have published this information everywhere possible, please help us get the word out so we can avoid exhibitors making a long day trip just to find out the show is closed. Thank you for your co-operation.


Coming Soon to IABCA.com

Request Forms

We'll soon have up a form to officially report errors and items not received for IABCA paperwork such as Registrations and Titles. This way we get all the information we need from you to fix a problem in one correspondence speeding up the time it takes to resolve the issue.


We're looking for artwork to use each year in our catalog. We need a one page black & white piece to represent each of our seven groups (Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting, and Herding). A price can be a representative of a breed in the group or a collage or collection of dogs form a group, or anything else you think would best represent each group. Each winner will have their artwork featured as the Title page for the group in every catalog in every location all year long. In addition the winner will receive one weekend pass for one dog (four free regular show entries) and a free catalog. You start working on the art and I'll start working out the details of the contest.

User Submitted

We'll showcase articles and photos and artwork from owners, judges, handlers, and enthusiasts. Want to let people know about your breed or show off some dog show related artwork? Let us know and if approved, we'll share it with the world right here.


Within the next month I should be able to begin getting results on our website from each show. When I do, I'll also include all shows from this year to date.