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Please keep in mind:

Registrations refer to registering with IABCA to be eligible to receive titles earned at our shows. When you register with us, you'll submit (via online, mail or fax) a registration application with a three generation pedigree. Entries refer to signing up to attend one of our International Dog Shows. You can enter a show without registering with IABCA, although you will have to register within 40 days after the show to keep your title points. 

Pedigree Chart

Sire 7 (#3's father)

Sire 3 (Father's father)

Dam 8 (#3's mother)

Sire 1 (Father)

Sire 9 (#4's father)

Dam 4 (Father's mother)

Dam 10 (#4's mother)

Sire 11 (#5's father)

Sire 5 (Mother's father)

Dam 12 (#5's mother)

Dam 2 (Mother)

Sire 13 (#6's father)

Dam 6 (Mother's mother)

Dam 14 (#6's mother)


IABCA Online Registration

Please complete this online application form and submit. You must complete the entire registration form, hit submit, then pay below to complete the registration process. You can also choose to register by mail by using our PRINTABLE REGISTRATION FORM.
Persons who currently own the dog must complete this application.

This is NOT a show entry form.  To enter an IABCA International Dog Show, please click here


Online Payment Note: All online registrations must pay at this time to complete the process. Contact us if there are any problems.

IABCA uses PayPal for our online payments.  Enter the dog's name then click on the Buy Now button to finish the payment process. PayPal does not require you to have an account with them to process a credit or debit card payment. All credit card information processed through PayPal and is secure and encrypted and never stored. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

IABCA Registration Fee ( $30.00 )

Dog's Name (required)