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How to Show at an International Dog Show

Coming soon...

How do I begin (with a quick guide on how to enter, find the schedule etc., what to do when I show up), then a part with a break down of how each class will enter the ring, who can win what, etc, and what do I do if I win breed in something. A link to whatdoIdoaftertheshow page. A quick what do I bring to the show grounds with me. (hover definitions for register and enter)

There are two ways to enter our dog shows. 65-70% of our entries are now submitted online through our website (link). The rest are mailed in (we do take a few entries at the show, but the Day of Show fees are higher than regular entries). To get our mail in entry form, click here (link). To go to our online entry page, click here (link). Fill out the online entry form: You can enter a show before your dog is registered with our club, IABCA. You will need to register with IABCA (keep in mind that REGISTERING with our club IABCA and ENTERING a dog show are two separate processes). Once you have earned points (orange cards) with a dog at an IDS you have 40 days to register that dog with IABCA before those points expire; once a dog is registered the points will never expire. (quick overview of the show entry page, maybe a tutorial link to the form, a form with lots of explanations. One for Registration, too). After you have entered the dog show you will receive a confirmation of show entry via e-mail, this eConfirmation will provide you with instructions on how and where on our website to check the show schedule and to check the show roster to take care of any necessary corrections. If you do not have an e-mail address a confirmation will be sent to you by mail. The next step is to show up at the show. Check in at least 30 minutes before your first scheduled ring time. Go to the superintendent's desk and give the owner's last name. You will be given a folder with all the paperwork you will need for the whole weekend, as well as your armband for the weekend (once you have either entered a show or registered a dog, that dog will be given a 4 digit number that will be both the permanent registration number and a permanent armband number, though you'll be given a new armband at each show). The next step is to show your dog. Go to the ring number in your schedule no later than the assigned time. When you go to the ring bring your dog and your folder and wear your armband on your left arm. The ring steward will ask for your folder and take care of all the paperwork for your. They will also let you know when to enter the ring. Outside the ring (next to the ring number) the day's schedule will be posted. Once judging is complete you should receive back from the judge your folder. The folder should include all papers you turned in as well as a white copy of the critique, an orange card if awarded (LINK to points awarded), and a placement sticker. All dogs that are awarded “Best of Breed” are eligible to compete in Group competition, times posted on schedule. (LINK BBX, BOB PUPPY etc) Dogs are not required to compete in Group to retain points earned. All Group winners are eligible for Best in Show. (LINK BBX, BIS PUPPY etc) Please note: folders are not required for Group or BIS competitions