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International Dog Shows: Show Information

CLICK HERE for IABCA's Online Registration Form


Registrations refer to registering with IABCA to be eligible to receive titles earned at our shows. When you register with us, you'll submit (via online, mail or fax) a registration application with a three generation pedigree. Entries refer to signing up to attend one of our International Dog Shows. You can enter a show without registering with IABCA, although you will have to register within 40 days after the show to keep your title points. This page will have information on our International Dog Shows and Show Entries.

To the right are links to other pages with more information about how our shows work. Our shows run Saturday and Sunday, with two shows each day, four shows in a weekend. Each show will be under a different judge. Each judge will give each dog a written critique encompassing 12 different parts of a dog's body and movement. If a dog does well (gets the top score each show), an adult dog can earn an International Title in three shows. Puppies have the opportunity to earn a National Puppy Title in three shows; a fourth show would give that puppy an International Puppy Title (four puppy shows = both Nat and Int puppy titles). At the end of each day, after we have completed all the breed judging and all the group judging for both shows, we will present Best in Show for each show, back to back. Group and BIS competitions do no affect title points and missing a group or a BIS will have no effect on title standings and points. Our shows are not competition based. Each dog is judged against the breed standard. More than one dog can receive the top score in each class. More information will be posted soon...