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Extra Info

When contacting us, using correct terminology will help understand better and solve problems faster. For instance, Registrations refer to registering with IABCA to be eligible to receive titles earned at our shows. Entries refer to signing up to attend one of our International Dog Shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please keep in mind:

Registrations refer to registering with IABCA to be eligible to receive titles earned at our shows. When you register with us, you'll submit a registration application with a three generation pedigree. Entries refer to signing up to attend one of our International Dog Shows. You can enter a show without registering with IABCA, although you will have to register within 40 days after the show to keep your title points.

Please look at the back of IABCA paperwork, often there are details and instructions that will answer many questions on the back of forms like our Orange Cards or IABCA Coupons.


  • Which poodle clips are allowed at IABCA shows?
    • All poodle clips are allowed. The most common clips we see include the Continental Clip, Puppy Clip (acceptable at any age at IABCA shows), English Saddle, and Sporting Clip.
  • What is proper attire at IABCA shows?
    • There is no specific dress code at IABCA shows. Clothes must be appropriate for the public and functional to show the dog in the ring. The most common dress would be ‘business casual’ though the exhibitors often range from jeans to suits or dresses. Be sure you’re comfortable for the weather, the flooring/ground, and the movements needed in the ring.
  • Does my dog need to be registered with IABCA to show with IABCA?
    • No, a dog can enter the show first and register at the show or within 40 days after the show.
      • Some of the paperwork can be easiest if the dog is registered before entering (or at the same time). If the dog is not yet registered before the show It is recommended that the dog register AT the show. To register at the show please have a copy of a 3 generation pedigree and a copy of the dog’s current registration (AKC, UKC, national breed club, etc.).
  • What is the difference between Open Class and Breeder’s Class?
    • Open class is for all dogs older than 1-year-old and that have not yet earned a title with IABCA. Breeders class is similar but a breeder of the dog must be showing the dog in that class.
      • Separately, to compete for Best of Breed Bred-by-Exhibitor a dog must be shown by a breeder of record AND add Bred-by-Exhibitor (BBX) to the Additional Classes line in the entry form ($5/show). This additional class of BBX can be added to any class (puppy, open, Breeder’s Class, etc.).
  • What is the difference between Breeder’s Class and Best Bred-by-Exhibitor?
    • See above. A dog cannot compete for Best-of-Breed Bred-by-Exhibitor (BBX) unless that dog has added BBX and an added class in the entry for and paid the extra $5/show. This BBX can be added to any class. A breeder of record must be showing the dog in order to compete for Best-of-Breed BBX.
      • A dog entered in the Breeder’s Class is not eligible to compete for Best-of-Breed BBX UNLESS that dog has added the BBX class on the entry form and paid the extra $5/show.
  • How do you use coupons?
    • Please see the back of the coupon for details.
  • What does it take to get a Rare Breed accepted by IABCA?
    • The process can vary. We accept all breeds that are accepted by AKC, UKC, CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), FCI, The Kennel Club, and ARBA. If a breed is not currently accepted by one of those clubs then a board member of the breed’s national or international breed club must reach out to us to begin the process.
  • What is the Express Show?
    • Available as a 5th show each weekend (must be entered in all 4 shows to sign up for Express Show), Saturday only.
    • Each dog is judged individually for a critique and opportunity to earn an extra Orange Card (point towards titles). No best of breed, groups etc. in the Express Show.
  • How do we do a breed specialty with IABCA?
    • We LOVE to hold specialties! Small and large. We can accommodate specialties from 5 to 85 dogs, or larger. Please contact us via email at info@iabca.com. Specialties are often held in cooperation with a national breed club, though this is not required. We have a wide range of options and sizes of specialties. Small specialties are usually held as part of Show 2 on Saturday. Larger specialties can be held on the Friday before a show and can include extra shows and special judges.
  • Can you show a female in season?
    • Yes. But sportsmanship requires special considerations to be taken. Be sure to let the judge know your bitch is in season. Keep a wider distance between dogs than usual whenever possible, Try to stay at the end of any lines while in the ring. And be sure to keep your setup away from other dogs and away from the rings.