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Show News

2017 Peach State Autumn Sieger

  • Friday Dec 8, 2017

    • IABCA Rally
    • Weight Pull
      • Run under W3PO rules
    • Trick Dog competition
    • Special FRIDAY IABCA show
  • Saturday Dec 9, 2017

    • IABCA Express Show
  • Sunday Dec 10, 2017

    • Bracco Italiano Breed Specialty
    • More Breed Specialties to announce soon




Did you know?

IABCA has a BBB rating of 'A+' and has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on our Facebook page.


Bringing International Nationwide:

IABCA has held International Dog Shows in more than 50 North American cities in the past few years, including shows in more than 20 US states in addition to 2 Canadian Provinces.

Welcome to IABCA & The International Dog Shows


At The International Dog Shows:

  • Judge give each dog a written critique. Have you ever wondered what the judge was thinking in the ring?  Now you can know.

  • We bring International to you.  Judges from USA, Canada, Australia, England, and all over the world are brought in to our shows.  Many of our American judges have judged all over the world and bring that international experience to our shows.

  • Dogs can earn International titles.

  • Each dog is judged against the breed standard for it's title points.  Great dogs can earn great titles regardless of competition.

  • We strive for a relaxed atmosphere with friendly crew and fellow exhibitors. It is our desire to take the stress out of showing dogs and have a fun and informative day for all.

  • And much more!



Upcoming Special Events

Breed Specialties:

Bracco Italiano Regional Breed Specialty at our 2017 Peach State Autumn Sieger:

  • Part of Show #2, Saturday afternoon
  • Judge: TBA


Newest Features

We're always looking for ways to improve our shows. We've been holding International European-style All Breed dog shows for over 25 years. Here are some of our newest features:

  • Junior Handler are the future of dog shows. In order to encourage exhibitors for our next 25 years all Junior Handler seminars and competitions will always be free.
  • CGC testing available at many shows.
  • IABCA Rally available at more shows this year.
  • Medals awarded for Best of Breed and Group wins.
  • Door prizes.
  • People's Choice BIS award.

More details soon. Check our Show Info pages for each show for more info.


Other features will continue into 2017:



In honor of our 25th anniversary celebration we are adding an 'Express' Show to our dog show weekends.

This Express show will be held of Saturday it will be available all day. It will run concurrently with the Show 1 and Show 2 that is usually held on Saturday.

It is called an Express show because the exhibitors will receive a Critique from a 5th judge, and have a chance to earn an Orange Point Card that may be used towards a title. It is express because there will be no group offering and no Best In Show in conjunction with this fifth show. The reasoning as to why we offer this show is to offer the exhibitors something to do during the day while they are waiting around for their second show or for groups or BIS. It also, helps the exhibitors who live in an area where we do not host very many shows. This allows them a chance to earn points faster.

This Express Show is Saturday and all Express Show entries will be handled at the show. The fee for the Express Show is $24.00. You must be entered in all four regular shows to sign up for an Express Show.

Handling Seminars:

In line with celebrating our 25th year of hosting The International Dog Shows IABCA is concerned with the importance of the future of the dog shows. Towards ensuring participants for the next 25 years IABCA is doing a number of things to encourage our Juniors to learn about their dogs and exhibiting them in the show ring. With the seminars we hope to spark an interest in responsible dog ownership and good sportsmanship. It teaches the Junior to become a gracious winner or loser.

It is our hope that teaching them responsibility to their dogs, this will carry over into other areas of life. IABCA is pleased to announce that beginning in 2014 we will be hosting International Handling Seminars in conjunction with our IABCA Conformation shows. The seminars will be presented by the judges that are to judge the weekend of the seminar.

  • We will have two categories of seminars. One for Junior Handlers, age 9-18.
  • There will be a second class for adult handling.
  • These seminars will be offered at most shows. Please check the information page about each show to see if the seminars will be available at that show location/date.
  • The Junior and Adult seminars will usually run simultaneously.
  • Fee: The Junior Handling seminar will be free of charge to the Juniors. The Adult Handling Seminar will have a fee of $10.00.
  • Every participant in each seminar will receive a certificate of participation signed by the judge.

Handling Classes:

  • Jr handling classes are designed to evaluate the abilities of the participant handling the dog. The ideas behind Jr handling are to help the Jr's to learn how to handle a dog in conformation. It is to teach them good sportsmanship and to encourage them to learn about the different dog breeds and how best to present each breed.
  • In honor of our 25th anniversary celebration we will be not be charging a fee for our Junior Handling Classes that take place during show 3 on Sunday. The dog must be entered in one of the five shows on the weekend. There will need to be an entry form to register for the class. This entry must be signed by parent or guardian assuming responsibility for the child's participation. The parent is responsible for any actions of the child or dog. If there is an incident resulting in harm or death to another dog or person resulting from the participation in the Junior ring the parent agrees to accept full responsibility, and hold the club harmless.
  • There are categories, according to experience and according to age of Junior Handlers - First Category: PeeWee 6-8year olds, Second Category: Novice age 9-18 year olds that have not had much experience in the conformation ring. This class is to give the Juniors experience and confidence in the show ring, without having to compete against the more seasoned Juniors. Third Category: Open 9-18 year olds who are experienced conformation handlers.
  • Depending on the number of participants at a show, the Juniors may be further broken down by age. 6-8 PeeWees / 9- up to 12 / 12- up to 15 / and 15-18. If a JR would show in Open at an AKC show, then they should enter Open in IABCA.
  • All Juniors will receive a written critique from the judge.
  • Judging Criteria:
    • Juniors are judged on their ability to present/handle the dog in the show ring as in the breed ring at Conformation Shows. The juniors presentation of the dog, not the dog is judged in the Junior Classes. They will be judged on ability and knowledge of handling procedures, appropriate dress, appropriate grooming of the dog, appropriate conduct of themselves and regard for the dog.
    • The dog does not have to be owned by the Junior Handler.
    • The Junior must be able to control the dog at all times. Being aware in the Novice classes there is a possibility the other Juniors might not be able to fully control the dog- even though this is a stated requirement.

Adult Handling Competition:

  • We have been asked for years to provide an adult Handling Competition similar to the one held for Juniors. Again, in honor of our 25th year celebration we are adding an Adult Handling Competition.
  • It will be much like the Junior Handler Competition.
  • Exhibitors will be judged on their presentation and handling of the dog. The dog itself is not considered. Judging will be on the ability and knowledge of handling procedures, appropriate dress, appropriate grooming of the dog, appropriate conduct of themselves and regard for the dog. The Adults may be asked a question concerning the breed. Therefore, they should have read and be knowledgeable of the (AKC) breed standard.
  • There will be two categories of Adult Handling - Novice and Open. Novice is for handlers new to the conformation ring. Those that have not shown a dog in the conformation ring more than ten times. Open is for those exhibitors who are experienced in the conformation ring. They have show more than 10 times in conformation shows. NO PROFESSIONAL HANDLERS allowed in either class. Professional is defined as one who has shown a dog owned by someone else for a fee or other consideration.