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Would you like to help us pass out fliers? E-mail us and we'll mail you a box of fliers. info@iabca.com or click this link for the IABCA Flier


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Did you know?

IABCA has a BBB rating of 'A+' and has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on our Facebook page.


Bringing International Nationwide:

IABCA has held International Dog Shows in more than 50 North American cities in the past few years, including shows in more than 20 US states in addition to 2 Canadian Provinces.

Welcome to IABCA & The International Dog Shows


2018 IABCA Presidents' Day Flash Sale!

$25 per show Sale ends 11:59pm Pacific February 20, 2018; entries are on sale for just $25 each! Buy multiple entries below or simply enter any 2018 show!


At The International Dog Shows:

  • Judge give each dog a written critique. Have you ever wondered what the judge was thinking in the ring?  Now you can know.

  • We bring International to you.  Judges from USA, Canada, Australia, England, and all over the world are brought in to our shows.  Many of our American judges have judged all over the world and bring that international experience to our shows.

  • Dogs can earn International titles.

  • Each dog is judged against the breed standard for it's title points.  Great dogs can earn great titles regardless of competition.

  • We strive for a relaxed atmosphere with friendly crew and fellow exhibitors. It is our desire to take the stress out of showing dogs and have a fun and informative day for all.

  • And much more!


Upcoming Special Events

Breed Specialties:



Other Special IABCA Events:



Newest Features

    • New for 2017: HONORS PUPPY titles
    • A 5th SG-1 Orange Card earns a puppy an Honors Puppy title in it's class (ie Honor Junior Puppy Champion)
    • Any dog can get the opportunity to earn a 5th Orange Card by entering the Express Show at the front desk, Saturday only (dogs must be entered in all 4 shows to be able to enter Express).